Wednesday, November 13, 2013

halloween revisited

for halloween, little girl really wanted to be a princess.  more specifically, of the disney variety.  mr. pike and i have never embraced the disney culture -- only because so many little girls seem to get to obsessed with princesses.

well, little girl is obsessed.  and all without seeing most disney movies.  so when she made her request to be sleeping beauty or rapunzel for halloween, she gave two reasons. (1) they're both nice princesses.  (2) they both wear modest dresses.

i thought that was an impressive argument for a four-year-old.  so, we let her have her dress.

little boy was a pirate (which suited him, since he spent much of the night trying to steal his sister's or the trick-o-treating candy).  and in the spirit of crafter bloggers and pinterest enthusiasts everywhere, i made his costume.  with the help of walmart, which supplied the sweatpants and t-shirt.


RETA said...

Absolutely adorable!


Becca said...

It's fun catching up on your last posts. Okay, so Halloween was a while ago, but it's still catching up for me. I love the summer photos too. Miss you guys.